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Premier Legal Documents was established to help people navigate the Family Law Court system successfully.  It is our goal to help all people who want assistance in preparing their case but cannot afford, or simply do not want, to pay an attorney’s hourly rate.   

Furthermore, some people do not qualify for Legal Aid assistance through the non-profit corporations or governmental supported organizations as their issues extend beyond the range of services that Legal Aid provides.  Additionally, some individuals need services on an immediate basis and cannot sit on their local Legal Aid agency’s waiting list.  That leaves those persons either having to retain an attorney to assist them or try to litigate their case by themselves. 

Few people understand the importance of having well-prepared documents for their Family Law case.  You simply cannot tell the Judge your side of the story when you appear in Court.  Lack of proper documents can result in not being able to present your side of the case properly or introducing pertinent evidence.  Either one of these could result in an undesirable Court order which is very difficult to fix. 

Premier Legal Documents is the alternative in that we can professionally prepare and process your legal documents to your specifications to give you an opportunity to correctly present your case.  We have attorney referrals available for you to be represented in Court on a what is called a “limited scope” basis or for full representation, based upon your needs and financial situation. 

We file documents throughout the State of California, but have extensive experience in document preparation for Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County. 

When dealing with a legal problem, it is always best to face it head on as it is almost impossible to fix retroactively.  Premier Legal Documents can cost-effectively assist you in doing just that so you can preserve your rights!  Put our 20 years of experience to work for you and let us help you smoothly navigate through the maze of the legal system!

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