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Premier Legal Documents opened on January 1, 2007, as a company that can assist the general public in preparing and processing legal documents for Court cases at a fraction of the cost of an attorney. Premier Legal Documents specializes in Family Law paperwork, including Divorce, Paternity, Legal Separation, Annulment, Child Custody, Child Visitation, Child Support, Spousal Support, hearing paperwork for modification of current existing orders, Marital Settlement Agreements, Stipulations when the parties want to voluntarily change their current existing orders, and all other types of Family Law paperwork.

Premier Legal Documents has attorney referrals available for clients to be represented in Court on a “limited scope” basis or for full representation, based upon the client’s needs and financial situation. 

Karen A. Breding is the owner and is registered and bonded as Legal Document Assistant #289 with the County of Los Angeles in compliance with California Business and Professions Code sections 6400-6415. Karen has worked in the Family Law field for twenty years, first as a Paralegal for several attorneys in the Century City, South Bay, and Long Beach areas and for the past fifteen years as a partner in another company that provided legal document assistance directly to the public.

Contact Information: Telephone  (310) 365-2800

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